Your Painless, Digital C2 Inventory- A Demo Project by Simple Joy Solutions


RxSnap | C2 Inventory App- A demo project by Simple Joy Solutions

Think about it. You and your techs spend hours each month logging, balancing, auditing, discovering discrepancies, resolving discrepancies and more because your C2 inventory is still on paper. It’s time for a streamlined and innovative solution that makes your C2 inventory easier and more reliable.


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Record entries up to 70% faster than a paper log book.

Fewer Discrepancies

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Automatically calculating quantities and barcode scanning reduce the chance for human error.

More Secure

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PIN#s act as digital signatures for each entry.

“RxSnap has saved me so much time.” Phil Wooding (an imaginary pharmacist)

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Benefits of RxSnap:

  • Simplicity & Peace of mind
  • Fast and secure data entry
  • Reduce human error with barcode scanning
  • Manage information with multiple users
  • Keep track of changes with digital signatures
  • Cloud back ups
  • Painless audits
RxSnap is coming to an app store near you soon!